We have a team of officers and committee members who run the local party and coordinate our activities. This committee is voted in annually and does not recieve any pay or incentives. If you would like to join this team then please get in touch and/or come along to some events to meet us and find out more!


Josh TurtonSecretary/Student Rep - Josh Turon

22 year old from Great Yarmouth and a Politics and International Relations Graduate. He got involved to get an insight into local politics and to help spread the Green Party's ideas and values. He is running for council this May (2016). 





Our ChairmanCoordinator - Ken Petersen

"I had been involved in politics whilst a Midlander, but had become more and more disillusioned with the petty point scoring nature at all levels of, what we are encouraged to call the “main parties”. In particular, I recognised that Climate Change would have serious consequences for all mankind but that, even those politicians who paid lip service to these dangers, would readily jettison their concerns for short term political gain."


Mobile: 07821521961



Treasurer - Tracey Darnell

Born, educated and raised in Gorleston before leaving the area to work and study elsewhere, returning again in 2005. Background as a nurse and counsellor, and has experience of managing and developing projects and services. Active in politics since her teenage years, she is keen to get involved more locally at a grass roots community level, and will engage with residents through focus and action groups that will directly identify and target ideas, local concerns and needs.



Election Agent/Web Manager




Our local party structure is very simple and flexible; we are run and managed by local members and the elected committee above. The Great Yarmouth Green Party is a member of the Eastern Region Green Party as well as the National Green Party.