31 May 2016

Getting the Green Party’s EU Message to Gorleston.


You know what it’s like? Another Bank Holiday Saturday to fill: how to have fun...


The Great Yarmouth Green Party went to Gorleston with the full range of their material upon the subject of the European Referendum. We spent a couple of hours talking to locals and ensuring that an overwhelming “Remain” vote will come from the Great Yarmouth area – well, the last point may be stretching the truth just a teeny bit...


Ken (front) and Josh (back)


It is true, however, that we did meet lots of lovely people and discussed the issues of Europe (not a single scare story during the whole event!). The Green Party has a position at variance with both the Leave and the main Remain camps. We do not believe that a “little England” stance, and I choose the term England, rather than Great Britain advisedly, will be in the best interests of the people but, we cannot share Mr. Cameron’s belief that, post his negotiations, Europe is now the promised land. We need to remain in order to help reform the EU. I could continue this line of argument for pages but, I fear that I would lose any small audience which may have struggled this far into this monologue. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact us: greatyarmouthgreenparty@outlook.com.


We will be out again, soon. Keep an eye on these pages for details of where next to catch the event of the Summer... (Don’t think I oversold that at all, do you?)


Ken Petersen
Great Yarmouth Green Party