21 May 2016

A Green Perspective on Europe.

Great Yarmouth Market Place Saturday 21st May 2016 from noon.

"The Green Party has a unique outlook on the European debate and the Great Yarmouth group will be providing an adult argument for remaining within the European Union at the local launch of their European campaign on Saturday.

Europe provides help and security for the little man and, whilst it is far from perfect, it needs true reform, not to be abandoned to its fate. It is far too serious a subject to be left to the traditional knock about bi-partisan left-right political system.

We will give factual responses to the scare stories of an unreformable Europe, stealing our money and swamping us with unnecessary European migrants." - Ken Petersen prior to the event in the press release. 


On Saturday the 21st of May, with just just over a month to the EU Referendum, the GY Greens officially launched their 'Stay' Campaign. Located in the Great Yarmouth Market place, the greens spent the day handing out leaflets and factsheets, conversing with the public, and spreading awareness. 

Half way through the day Leave campaigners decided to set-up opposite, but they did not stay long, seemingly leaving once they had exhausted their collection of freebies! Still, it was good to have both sides of the argument represented and in such close proximity. 

Overall it was a very positive day, with many grown-up conversations with members of the public on both sides of the fence. 


Josh (Left) and Kyle (Right)Ken (Left) and Josh (Right)