30 April 2016

Great Yarmouth Greens Campaign in Gorleston


Members from the Great Yarmouth Greens campaigned on Gorleston High-Street on Saturday morning. The event lasted a few hours and involved the members handing out leaflets to locals, discussing with them local issues, and getting people to fill out a 60-Second Survey. It was a brilliant day, both in terms of weather and response, with dozens of people stopping to talk with us or declaring their support throughout the course of the day. We were also surprised by the amount of people who were unaware that elections were happening in the following week and were happy to get the opportunity to make people aware!

The Survey, which is still on-going, is also accessible online and can be found and completed here: http://goo.gl/forms/A97LzjN0Rk


Ken (Left) and Kyle (Right) in GorlestonKen (Left) and Tracey (Right) in Gorleston