Local elections


Local elections give you, the public, the chance to vote for your local councillor(s). Local councils are responsible for providing local services and facilities, including (but not limitted to) libaries, council housing, roads and social services. Whilst councilors might not be able to make big changes on a national level, they can certainly make important changes on a local level. 



The next local elections will be held on the 5th of May 2016! PCC elections will also be held on this day!



This election we are standing three candidates in the following wards: East Flegg, Magdalen and St Andrews. To check if your ward is up for election and to find your nearest poll station, click here!



Ken will be running for East Flegg

Josh will be running for Magdalen

Tracey will be running for St Andrews



And Martin will be running for Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner! For more details about Martin visit his facebook page or website. For more details about the PCC election, click here



We want to give as many people a chance to vote Green as possible. Even if we don't get elected, it is important that people have options when it comes to the polls; that is democracy. We will be standing for Green values and policies, and work for the common good. What we would like to achieve in office depends entirely on the specific ward, as each area has its own specific individual problems and communities. There are some broader campaigns which we support however, which you can find on our 'Campaigns' tab. 



To vote in the upcoming elections you must be registered to vote. Many of you will be aware of whether or not you are registered, and you should have (at the time this is being written) already have recieved your poll cards. If you are not yet registered then unfortunately you will be unable to vote on May the 5th for the local elections and PCC elections; however as long as you register by the 7th of June you can still vote in the EU referendum! If you believe that you will not be able to vote in person then you can vote by proxy or by post, which you can learn more about through the links below:

To register to vote online click here

For more information about registering to vote click here